New Content: TrivCap India Almanacs

We’ve added some new fans and readers to this blog recently.  Thank you for following StickyFeet blog at TrivCap.

Our goal is to [cut through the crap] agitate against conventional wisdom.  With: Inside the box thinking. Because all the nuts are outside.   [It’s like every night a full moon.]

In our effort to bring readers the most relevant information on TrivCap’s areas of focus – Energy, Economics, Alternatives and, the India growth story – we’ve put together four information feeds that aggregate some of the best subject specific content from around the web [written by cheap foreign labor].  This is in addition to StickyFeet’s original content.

I’m introducing two of those content feeds today:

1) TrivCap India Almanac – a collection of general business, economic and political news on India.

2) TrivCap India OpEd Almanac – a collection of opinion pieces on current developments in India from highly regarded Indian and foreign columnists and bloggers.

You can reach these feeds in the right hand sidebar (by clicking on the yellow feed ikon next to the feed title).  These content feeds are updated throughout the day and the latest content is displayed in the sidebar below the feed titles.

On another India note, StickyFeet blog is now contributing a weekly column to, an effort by the Government of India, Confederation of India Industry and Mumbai based digital marketing agency Experience Commerce to [take over the world] reach out to foreign investors.  (Those columns are cross-posted to this blog as well).

And don’t forget..there are lots of ways to follow StickyFeet blog – our Facebook fan page, email, RSS and Twitter.  You can also find me on LinkedIn from the blog’s “About” page if you want to talk shop.

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