Canada is Hung Too

When the American media gets its teeth into a story, boy they really run with it like a rabid dog.  But I’m still amazed, and a little miffed, at all the attention the British election results are getting…you know, the “Hung” parliament.

You see, in Canada we’ve had a Hung parliament for a few elections in a row, but we didn’t seem to get the same hyperventilating attention from CNN and MSNBC that the Brits are getting.  And don’t the Americans know that since we live right above them that millions of Canadians might come storming across the border if at any point our Hung parliament implodes the country?

Of course, the Brits have historical street cred, having ruled over most of the planet for a hundred years or so.  And I will admit that Cameron and Clegg make a nice Batman and Robin duo – their first press conference together was a nice start – they made good headway in reassuring everyone that they are going to get Britain back on track (?).  But I hope they leave it to the imagination and never put on tights.

Meanwhile, in Canada we’ll just keep riding the American coat-tail.  For better or worse, we’re with you, like the wife that keeps forgiving her philandering husband.  Which brings me to my conclusion:  Canada obviously cannot be Hung.  More on that later.

And just so you know…India is Hung and so are half the European parliaments and, come to think about it, isn’t the U.S. government Hung too? (this before the mid term elections push a few Dems down the ladder shoot);  so can we quit with the hysteria already?

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