Daily Links: $Trillion Robbery, financial crisis, China, India, Peak Oil

Daily Links courtesy of Sticky Feet: The Great $Trillion robbery by the élite, half measures that won’t cure financial crisis ills, China turning inward bad sign, India’s Pakistan problem Peak Oil.

The Peasants are Storming the Gate. Let Them Eat Cake? a Sticky Feet post from a couple of days ago.  I’m hoping a lot more people read this – discusses how the richest have during three decades turned average households into debt serfs through systematic policies designed to tear up the social safety net, weaken government and appropriate 100% of the gains of productivity and globalization – worth $3 TRILLION ANNUALLY.  It’s the biggest looting in history, and then the élite asked taxpayers to shoulder the costs of the financial crisis.  Have a look – liberal bloggers are trying to frame this debate, as the bobbleheaded dishonest deficit hawks that brought you the global financial crisis are preparing to use the crisis to justify tearing up the social safety net.  See also the related Deficit Hawk Bobbleheads.

Bust Up the Banks: The President’s Half Measures Won’t Fix Our Failed Financial System.  Here’s What Will Nouriel Roubini and Stephen Mihm at Newsweek.  A Fairly damning opinion piece on the inadequacy of current financial reforms. Roubini is known as one of the for his early warning on the financial crisis.  These guys provide some of the best suggestions I have seen.

How to Lobby Beijing Gordon Chang at Forbes magazine.  Chang makes the case that China is turning inward…some of new restrictive business and political policies may be beneficial in the short term, but they will prove problematic longer term.  There are signs of hubris among the Chinese leadership, which will not serve the country poorly.  All this contrasts starkly with India’s slow opening in fits and starts.

The Next Crisis: Peak Oil Jeremy Legget at Forbes magazine. Legget is Chairman of solar energy company Solarcentury, which was a sponsor of the UK Task Force on Peak Oil and Energy Security (along with British companies Virgin Group, Stagecoach Scottish & Southern).  He makes the case that the world is ignoring the Peak Oil warnings the same way it ignored those who warned about an impending global financial crisis.

Fattening the Pakistani Elite by Amit Varma & Nitin Pai at Acorn And Trading Terror with Pakistan at Pragmatic Euphony debate the merits for India of engagement with Pakistan through trade.  A key issue is the Pakistani Military Jihadi complex, which cannot so easily be co-opted.  This is an issue that seems destined to fester much like Israel/Palestine.

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