Daily Links: China empire, India Bubble, Soviet collapse, Cuba post peak oil

Daily Links courtesy of Sticky Feet at TrivCap: China India Bubble, China’s economic and political engagement on a wide scale in Africa, Soviet Peak oil’s role in collapse of the USSR, and how Cuba survived and thrived its own Peak Oil.

China High on Bubblemeter. Is India a Bubble too? Sticky Feet at TrivCap

The Next Empire Howard French at The Atlantic.  About How China’s engagement is transforming Africa economically and politically.

Smoking Gun Richard Heinberg at Silver Bear Cafe.  About how the U.S. may have used an anticipated peak in Soviet oil production to help win the cold war.

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Megan Quinn at Global Public Media.  An interesting read not least of all because it describes one possible post-peak scenario for the rest of the world.  In Cuba’s case, the country experienced a significant and sudden decrease in oil supply following the collapse of the Soviet Union, which could no longer supply its former client state with low-priced/subsidized oil.  A wrenching but manageable transition was thrust upon Cuba and it appears to have coped reasonably well.  Reason for optimism?

Daily Breather:

World’s Greatest Con Man Kevin Gray at Details.  Speaks for itself….I won’t spoil the surprise.

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